When Democrats Attack Progress: Kennedy and Democrats Attacking Road Work, Questioning Mayor’s Integrity

We saw this story while we were on hiatus but were inclined to let it slide until our friends at IndyDemocrat posted a story on it this week.

Last week, the Indy Star had an article on the newly released $55 million RebuildIndy funds being used to repair bridges, streets and sidewalks all over the county. This is a part of the total $170 million RebuildIndy has invested since last September.

A business owner was quoted praising the work saying, “I just appreciate, as a business owner in the community, just to see the work that has progressed today.”

Obviously all this good press and progress isn’t good for Melina Kennedy’s campaign and she did what we’ve seen her do time and time again–attack.  After commenting on the massive amount of construction occurring, Kennedy said, “I just want assurances that he’s not rushing these projects for election purposes.”

Seriously?  It is one thing to dislike something that is happening or disagree with Mayor Ballard but it is quite another to attack his integrity.  Even Mayor Ballard’s harshest critics believe he is an upstanding guy who does what he thinks is best for Indianapolis.  They may not agree with his decisions but they do believe he is an honest person. 

Why is the construction work happening quickly?  Even Jon Easter admits that there are reasons outside of politics though he is still using some of Kennedy’s talking points.  Easter says, “The Super Bowl could be one reason, and the fact that some of these areas of the city really needed the work.”

That’s right, even Democrat bloggers know the state of disrepair this city was left in by the past administration and that the infrastructure desperately needs to be repaired.  And can you believe that the City of Indianapolis would want to make a good impression and be in the best shape possible before the Super Bowl comes to town?  Man, those guys are crazy to want to get the work done before such a small event.  

Yes, road construction is an inconvenience.  Do we care enough to not fix the roads and bridges?  Of course not–at least most of us who are adults do not.  Is the work shoddy?  No. This spring’s weather has been strange to say the least and that has an impact on things.

It seems to us like silly season has started a bit early this year. If Melina Kennedy wants to be taken seriously, she’s going to have to raise the bar a bit.

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13 Responses to When Democrats Attack Progress: Kennedy and Democrats Attacking Road Work, Questioning Mayor’s Integrity

  1. Progress is not using a 30 year loan (which Citizen’s Gas had to take out to pay the City’s purchase price) to repave roads in a desperate attempt for Ballard to get re-elected. We have to pay that money back. There is little difference between taxpayers and Citizen’s Gas ratepayers. If Ballard were putting the money in improvements that lasted 30 years that would be one thing. He’s instead putting ithem into road paving that might last 7 years if we’re lucky. That’s like taking a 30 year loan out to buy a car.

    • Paul, it isn’t just roads. It is bridges that simply have to be repaired and those changes last much longer than 7-10 years.

      We know you don’t like the Citizen’s deal Paul but the fact is that someone had to deal with the ongoing issue of the city’s utilities. Additionally, we have a $1 billion infrastructure improvement need and because of the way this was structure, we’re dealing with a little less than half of it.

  2. John says:

    Roads for votes. Pretty simple strategy.

    P.S. Ballard ran against the Super Bowl. Now it is the reason he HAS to spend $150 Million in 15 months? Wish he could figure out how to spend the $29 Million in federal grant money that he has been sitting on since 2008 to rehab abandoned houses.

    • Ballard didn’t run against the Super Bowl and he said he would continue going through the process.

      The real issue is that the Super Bowl wasn’t the only thing we could be doing to make our city better especially when basic problems like crime and infrastructure were being ignored. We have to be in a position to host a Super Bowl in a way that makes our city look like a great place and thanks to Mayor Ballard, we are.

      And you really don’t want to go there on abandoned houses–this administration has done WAY more on this issue than Peterson did.

      • John says:

        This administration has had WAYmore tax revenue to spend than any other mayor in Indianapolis history. Yet he can’t even get his grant money spent effectively. So yes I will go there. I’m not impressed with someone who can tear down a house leaving a vacant lot. Neighborhood development takes a ton more work and talent.

        Candidate Ballard said that we should not seek the Super Bowl until we have solved the police shortage by adding 750 new cops. No new cops- in fact he just cut a recruiting class. Yet he went after the Super Bowl anyway– and sold the water and sewer utilities to himself to be able to pay for one-time temporary cosmetic improvements.

  3. I believe you are misrepresenting the entire body of my post by taking out one line and using it to support your overall theme. Then again, you are a Republican, so that’s par for the course.

  4. To be fair, here is the entire body of my post.

    If you’ve driven anywhere in the City of Indianapolis, you’ve probably been through or have seen a cone zone. They certainly are everywhere right now.

    Instead of pacing the work out over time, the City of Indianapolis has decided to go full steam ahead on the road work. They are moving quickly, but it has created a number of inconveniences for drivers and other commuters.

    Why would the city move so quickly? WIBC asked that question to a spokesperson from the Mayor’s Office, and the answer was that the city feels like this is the way to go. Experience all the pain now and, in the fall, have new streets and roads to drive on. I’m sorry that I can’t provide a link from the story I heard on Saturday evening.

    What happens in the fall? Oh yeah, an election! An election for City-County Council and the Mayor’s Office!

    Could that be a reason? I’m sure that figures into it. There are other reasons, too. The Super Bowl could be one reason, and the fact that some of these areas of the city really needed the work. It doesn’t stop political animals like me to suspect that the reason may be a little bit more politically motivated.

    What I’m hearing is that there is some concern out there that perhaps the city is rushing these projects through too quickly with substandard work. I also am hearing from some that there is some concern that things are happening so fast that it’s become difficult to keep up where and to whom the money is going. The Marion County Democratic Party released this a few weeks ago after it was realized that the patch work city crews had done was substandard.

    In short, things are flying right now! The deadline, I’m sure is November 8.

  5. Brandon says:

    Has anyone noticed all of Re-Build Indy signs in Haughville as of late..?..ha. That aint going to happen, no R votes there.


    • Julija says:

      We are interviewing our gate guy Tipap tonhigt … we LOVE him, he always walks around shaking his head at us and saying “American System” -so we KNOW he will tell us a few ways that we are weird. Good idea for a future post for sure!:)

  6. Jane says:

    Peterson was committed to improving infrastructure??? Jon and other Bart fans-why don’t you look up the measly amount of dollars committed by his administration each year for road resurfacing projects? What was it’ something like 11 million dollars/yr for hundreds of miles of county roads? Even before the utility sale, the first year of Ballard’s administration, I think the funds allocated for road resurfacing projects were triple that amount.
    How long did it take for DPW to get around to filling potholes under Bart-a month to an eternity? Ballard- average of 72 hours or under.
    Peteron’s plan to get serious on Combined Sewer Overflow- go waaay back and read how former Councilwoman Beulah Coughnouer exposed Bart’s plan as a totally empty gesture that would do nothing to solve the problem. And nothing is exactly what Bart did to address this serious issue.
    Jon-your blog on this should be classified as fiction writing.

    • John says:

      I’m done with Sergio. He treats me like a rag doll.

    • Efsane says:

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  7. Purple rain says:

    You can deny it if you want, but anyone with any commonsense knows that this is just a Political Paving Program (and before you suggest it, I am not a Democrat). Any most people who actually pay attention to the streets know that the overlay program is literally paving over problems. The overlays will barely last three years. No one monitors the quality of paving (not a problem of Ballard’s creation but he is not solving it either). Shoddy work is done everywhere. Sidewalks are built with telephone poles in the middle. The same potholes reappear in the same places because the problem areas are never repaired. Funds should be focused on repairing the base where it needs repaired. Extensive street resurfacing projects merely masks the problems temporarily. With Ballard spending all this money rapidly, the waste of funds is exacerbated. Because of the poor quality of paving jobs and sidewalk construction and the poor oversight, I am actually thankful that Peterson did not spend a lot of money on roads. And is repaving doesn’t solve other problems. Many roads are merely cowpaths that have been paved. New asphalt an and old cowpath does not Rebuild Indy. Until there is a program to create a modern street, with curbs and gutters, this money is being wasted; It is basically being thrown down a black (pot) hole.

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