Primary Day Predictions: Kennedy and the Marion County Republican Slate

With all the commotion of the events in the last 24 hours, it is easy to forget tomorrow is Primary Election Day here in Marion County.    So, for the moment, we’ll turn our attention to local politics.

We are interested in two races.  First, we are obviously interested in seeing the outcome of the Democratic Primary for Mayor.  Kennedy did do some radio ads but has been otherwise fairly quiet and did not even have yard signs until a few days ago.  In short, her campaign has not exactly put forth an impressive effort in a primary we believe they should have taken more seriously. 

First, she is running against the last name Carson and that should never be taken lightly.  Second, simply winning the primary may not be enough.  Many in the Indianapolis political circles believe that Kennedy needs to get more than 85% of the vote to really show she has the support of the Democratic Party faithful particularly with the reported rifts within the Marion County Democrats.  We don’t think she’ll get it.

The second race we are interested in is the At Large Council race on the Republican side.   For those who may not know, the Republicans have slated four candidates and a fifth is running against the slate.  Jocelyn Adande Tandy, a former Democrat, is running and actually changed her name so she could get better ballot placement by switching it to Jocelyn Tandy Adande.  She also is a former Democrat who has run for Mayor and several other offices as a Democrat. 

The Marion County Republicans sent a mailer out highlighting her Democrat history.  At this stage, it seems everyone in both Parties think she is a joke.  We believe she will be defeated.  If she doesn’t, it is going to be a long year for Marion County Republicans.

We’ve told you our predictions but we want to know what you think.  Vote to let us know if you think Melina Kennedy will get the big win she needs on Primary Day and if Marion County Republicans can push their slate through despite ballot placement complications.

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23 Responses to Primary Day Predictions: Kennedy and the Marion County Republican Slate

  1. Erin Rosenberg says:

    I think the Republican At Large slate wins easily. I also don’t think, except the flames which are kind of excessive, there’s anything wrong with the mailing. I’m surprised she wasn’t challenged as a candidate, actually. Don’t you have to have voted in the last R primary? Maybe she did in 2010, I don’t know. I’ve never heard the 85% for Melina from anyone. But, I don’t live in Indiana, so I guess I’m not a good gauge for the “Indianapolis political circles.” : )

    • Margery says:

      The honesty of your psoitng shines through

  2. Yeah, we weren’t sure why people were so upset about the mailer either. We’re guessing she has voted in Republican primaries enough to not be challenged.

    We’ve heard people say as high as 90% for it to be a real win but we’ve also heard 85%.

  3. 85% of the vote? Are you kidding me? That isa ridiculous attempt to set the bar so high that she (and no candidate) cannot possibly clear it. Can’t you be a little less obvious in what you’re doing? She’ll probably be around 65% of the vote…an easy win.

  4. Sorry, I meant “can possibly clear it.” I wish this blog had an edit button.

    • We’ll see what we can do on that, Paul. Or you could type slower!

  5. Matt Stone says:

    According to my research, Jocelyn is an elected PC in the county GOP.

    I also distinctly remember her name being on the 2010 GOP primary ballot as well, though I don’t remember for what office. It was pretty low on the ballot.

    Almost all of the races are decided as far as council districts go. The contest to watch is the 4 At-Large slated Dems and the unslated Pat Andrews. She’s the only one who has a realistic chance of beating the slate.

    Sherrod Franklin is also running, but no one is taking her seriously. Until the last couple weeks, she’s hardly done anything.

    I’ll give Carson 10% of the vote just due to his name. But by all other meausres, his campaign isn’t a serious run. I think he’s doing this to get a place in the Kennedy administration.

  6. 85 percent in a three way race? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

    • We went lower than what we heard. We actually heard 90%.

      We think there are serious issues with the Democrat Party right now. They never have this many people running against the slate.

  7. Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

    A good night for Kennedy in a 3 way race would be 60 to 65% of the vote. I think you are engaging in a little pre election expectations game so you can claim that she failed to do well with the base. As to Jocelyn Adande, she has been a Republican for well over 10 years. She has been elected twice as a Republican precinct committeeperson. She has served as an Republican election inspector, as a Republican election day commissioner and was a Republican ward chair. To attempt to deny that she is a Republican is a bit less than honest.

  8. Proud Center, the fact that you are sticking up for Jocelyn Adande shows just how out of touch you really are. She’s run for numerous offices on both sides of the aisle which indicates that she isn’t that strong with either Party.

    Also, she is insane. That is something both Parties agree on.

    • Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

      I am not defending Jocelyn. I am just correcting your attempts to label her as a Democrat. She is a former Democrat and has been a member of your Republican party for several years. She has held elective and appointed jobs with your party. I am glad that she is a Republican.

  9. Gary Welsh says:

    Isn’t it true that Barbara Malone was a Democrat who tried desparately to get a spot on the Democratic ticket for city council before she bolted to the Republican Party and ran against the slated candidates in 2007? I’m no Tandy fan, but Malone is simply not a Republican in anything but name only. If she could have convinced the Ds to slate her in 2007, she would have never switched parties and ran as a Republican.

    • Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

      Your Republican party nominated her in the 2007 primary. Your Republican party slated her for the 2011 primary and likely will renominate her for council again tomorrow. Sounds like YOUR problem.

      • Jocelyn was not slated in the 2011 primary. She is running against the slate. She wasn’t slated in 2007 either. As far as we can tell, she hasn’t won a single election of any type, slating or otherwise.

  10. Um…Gary…there were four incumbents running in 2007. Who was she going to knock off the slate?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Barb Malone has voted in the Republican Primary since 2004.

  12. Wurstnitemare says:

    Interesting that all of you political experts are giving Carson no chance at all. The Carson name is GOLD in Marion county.If the black vote gets out,it could be much closer.We all know that he is a joke,but 98% of the voters out there have no idea what the water company deal is or the Meter deal.They hear the word Carson and they vote.

    However in the 15th the Ds have two folk running against Vop Osili the slated candidate.David Baird and some lady named of Puckett.

  13. Gary Welsh says:

    So she was still a Democrat during the 2003 council elections, which is what I thought. I’ve been told by Dems she tried very hard to get slated for a spot. Jon, At-large is not the only race for council seats, but I thought you knew that.

  14. Gary Welsh says:

    And Jon, Ron Gibson was new to the council in the 2003 race, but I thought you knew that too.

    • I did know that, but I don’t think you said 2003. Anyway…fair enough.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know Barb but I know Jocelyn is crazy. What is also crazy is Paul Ogden’s blog post that the Republican Party used a “sinister” photo of her. That is exactly what she looks like and I think it’s actually her campaign photo.

    • From what we’ve heard, she actually looks more sane in that picture than she does in person.

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