Local Campaign Finance Reports: Ballard vs. Kennedy

Campaign finance reports for local races are due this Friday and we, along with a few other bloggers, are waiting with bated breath.

We are expecting a big report from Melina Kennedy this quarter.  After all, she raised nearly $900,000 last year when she was working at Baker & Daniels.  Since she is campaigning full-time now, we would guess she will raise a substantial amount of money and should pull even with Mayor Ballard’s fundraising this quarter. 

Since Kennedy has a primary where she will need to spend some money, she needs a big quarter to not end the primary with a substantial cash deficit.  We’ve also heard she has been aggressively pursuing Ballard donors from last year.

For Mayor Ballard, we aren’t so sure what amount he will post.  He already has a cash advantage and will maintain that even with a strong quarter from Kennedy.  There also seems to be some debate over how much Ballard raised at a large event held at the J.W. Marriott.

Indianapolis Times has posted in the past that they don’t believe Mayor Greg Ballard’s campaign brought in $500,000 at the event.  In fact, Terry said they raised “less than half  of the money that was anticipated.”   We’re going to guess they don’t have a great source since Ballard supporters are not exactly clamoring to talk to Terry Burns or any of the other bloggers (Sorry Paul and Gary!) who claim to have insight into the Ballard Re-Elect Team.

Then yesterday, Burns posted that the Mayor raised $500,000 at the J.W. event and, in order to have a successful fundraising quarter, he needs to have raised another $500,000 for a total of $1 million.  Which one is it, Terry?  Did he raise the $500,000 or not? We don’t claim to know but we try to not give completely conflicting “facts”.

We also aren’t sure why Terry thinks the Mayor will raise $1 million this quarter.  That is more than Ballard raised all last year.  It is crazy to think he will raise that much in one quarter so far off from the election. 

Another thing to file away in your “Things that Make You Go Hmmm” folder is the strange highlight in Burns’ post.  Looks to us like maybe someone (READ:  the Kennedy Campaign Staff) was making some edits to the post. 

Between those two things, we’re guessing the Kennedy Campaign is trying to play the expectations game.  We’ll find out tomorrow if they have a reason to be.

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4 Responses to Local Campaign Finance Reports: Ballard vs. Kennedy

  1. I don’t think it matters how much the Mayor raises. His campaign is just going to spend it all anyone…before running a single commercial. Never in the history of this state have I seen such a ridiculous burn rate from a candidate as from Ballard.

    • anon says:

      Ballard spent less than Melina this period. And out raised her by over $200k. He has $2.04 million in the bank compared to Melina’s $1.27. Paul, are you going to admit some discipline has been imposed, or is your bias going to not allow you to report facts anymore?

      • Nubia says:

        Ο/Η λέει:Καλημέρα! Για να δεις τις παραπάνω φωνές χρειάζεται να τις κατεβάσεις! Πήγαινε System Preferences Speech Text to speech System voice cuosmtize εκεί θα βρεις τις δύο ελληνικές φωνές..

  2. Fair point, anon. You’ll see that was noted in our post this afternoon.

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