Check Yes, No or Maybe: Gov. Mitch Daniels Checks Maybe for President

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is hard not to see the similarities between Gov. Mitch Daniels coyness on the Presidential race and a rollercoaster, high school relationship.  But we’re not going to give him too hard a time about it because we understand. 

The Governor wants to focus on the legislative session but has to do a few things to make sure the national pundits don’t move on to other prospective candidates.  He doesn’t want to become a flavor of the week.  His advisors are doing a good job with the balancing act, moving from week to week with new ways to fire up or cool down the rampant speculation while keeping the focus on one question:  What will Mitch Daniels decide to do?

This week was a fire them up week.  Earlier this week, the Governor told Politico, “I’d have cash, support to win” as he spoke of big names attempting to pull him into the race.  Tonight, he’ll make an appearance at CPAC with prime placement at the Reagan Dinner the night before the Presidential straw poll.  And the current buzz in Indiana is whether Gov. Mitch Daniels steps down as Governor if he does run for President.  He responded, “There’s too many ifs in that question for me to answer it.”

Next week, we’re willing to bet there will be more buzz as a result of the CPAC speech and the Governor’s team will go back to the “focused on Indiana and the legislative session” talking points which flow perfectly with the responsible Governor we’re used to seeing. 

But don’t despair, Mitchies, and keep one thing in mind:  There is way too much effort being put into keeping everyone on the edge of their seats for the Governor to check “No” just yet.

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2 Responses to Check Yes, No or Maybe: Gov. Mitch Daniels Checks Maybe for President

  1. How come Check Yes, No or Maybe: Gov. Mitch Daniels Checks Maybe for President Washington Street Politics made me laught so much? haha don’t get it.

    • steven h. cooley 7429 south harmony rd. bloomington ind. 47403 says:

      yes i steven h. cooley will vote for you. i am 63 years old and have voted for you every time you have run for gov office thanks for a tougf job well done.

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