Marion County Republicans Announce New Structure and Township Chairs, Hospitals Prepare for Paul Ogden’s Stroke

The Marion County Republican Party sent out an email just a few minutes ago announcing some changes to their organization. They went from the area based set-up that was disliked by many precinct committeemen to the old township structure.

We’re told that some of the new names who have taken over in various townships are not new names but rather only now being given the higher leadership positions. Apparently, many of the new appointees are the worker bees that keep the organization moving rather than the bigger names that typically hand the projects off to others.  The email is below.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

When I first started talking to many of you about my interest in becoming your County Chairman, it was abundantly clear that the vast majority of you wanted a return to a township based organizational structure. I promised to listen to the organization and seek your input on who would be the best leaders to serve as Township Chairmen, and after careful consideration, the following people have accepted my offer to serve as Township Chairmen:

Center Township – David Brooks
David has served the party for over 30 years in various capacities, including Precinct Committeeman, Assistant Township Chairman, Township Chairman, Area Chairman, and Campaign Manager or committee member for federal and local campaigns. David was also elected to two-terms on the City-County Council. David owns a law practice in Indianapolis and was the overwhelming choice of Center Township Precinct Committeemen and Ward Chairmen to serve as their Township Chairman.

Decatur Township – Bob Cockrum
Bob has been active in our party since 1970, when he became a Precinct Finance Chairman. Since then, he has been a Vice Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Committeeman, Vice Ward Chairman, Ward Chairman, and member of numerous campaign committees. Bob is a retired Colonel of the United States Army Reserve and is currently serving his fourth term on the City-County Council.

Franklin Township – Cindy Mowery
Since 1978, Cindy has held many different roles within our party. She has served as a Vice Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Committeeman, Treasurer of GIRWC, Financial Chairman for WINS, Franklin Township Board Member, Franklin Township Trustee, and volunteer on countless campaigns. She currently serves as the Republican member of the Marion County Board of Voters Registration.

Lawrence Township – Jim Gutting
For the past 30 years, Jim has been an extremely active party member. He has served as Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Township Chairman, Area Chairman, and treasurer or member of many campaign committees. Jim was a Governor’s appointee to the State Board of Accounts throughout the 1980’s and currently practices law in Indianapolis.

Perry Township – Kay Spear
Kay first started as a Perry Township Republican volunteer in 1978. She later served as a Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Assistant Township Chairman, Assistant Area Chairman, and President of the Perry Township Republican Club. Kay previously worked as a CPA for the Indiana Attorney General, Indiana State Auditor and Clarian Health. She currently owns a private CPA practice in Perry Township.

Pike Township – David Holt
David has been active in the Marion County Republican Party since 2000. He has served as a Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Township Chairman, Area Co-Chairman, Area Chairman, and as a volunteer on many campaign committees. David was Deputy Campaign Manager for David McIntosh for Congress, and subsequently served Congressman McIntosh as a senior aide. He later was a political appointee for President George W. Bush. David currently works for an Indianapolis based think-tank.

Warren Township – Barbara Fowler
There are few people with a record of commitment to the Marion County Republican Party more impressive than Barbara Fowler. She first started with our organization in 1968, and has served as a Vice Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Assistant Area Chairman, member of WINS, Board Member for GIRWC, member of the SCORE club, and Board Member for the Warren Township GOP Club. Barbara previously worked for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County in a variety of positions.

Washington Township – Melissa Thompson
Melissa began her service to our party in 2000 as a Vice Precinct Committeeman. Since then, she has been a Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Assistant Township Chairman, Assistant Area Chairman, Campaign Manager, and volunteer for multiple campaigns. Melissa is currently the Clerk of the City-County Council.

Wayne Township – Tim Motsinger
For the past 25 years, Tim has been very active in our party. He has served as a Vice Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Committeeman, Ward Chairman, Assistant Township Chairman, and member of many countywide campaign committees. Tim has been a law enforcement officer for his entire career, first as a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy and now with IMPD.

With over 250 years of combined experience in the Marion County Republican Party, this new leadership team is ready to hit the ground running, which is critical to our success in this very important election year. We are lucky to have such a loyal and dedicated group willing to step up to the challenge of this important role. In the coming days they will be responsible for guiding our township efforts to build an effective and impressive grassroots campaign to re-elect Mayor Ballard, Mayor Ricketts, Republican Mayors in Beech Grove and Southport, and retain majorities on the councils in Indianapolis, Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway and Southport. Our elected Republican leaders have served our county very well over the past four years, and with your support, they will continue to serve us well for the next four years and beyond!

Finally, I want to remind you that our 2011 slating convention will be held at Brebeuf High School (2801 86th Street W.) on February 12th, beginning at 8:00am. I look forward to seeing you all there!


Kyle Walker
Marion County Republican Central Committee

We may start a collection to send Paul Ogden some flowers for his loss. We know he can’t be happy that David Brooks has retained his so-called stranglehold on the Marion County Republicans.  Hang in there, Paul!

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15 Responses to Marion County Republicans Announce New Structure and Township Chairs, Hospitals Prepare for Paul Ogden’s Stroke

  1. I don’t live in Center Township. I’m sure those folks though don’t appreciate being run by someone from Hamilton County. Was no one from Center Township good enough to serve as township chair? Walker had to go to Hamilton County.

    The notion that we should have leaders in Marion County from other counties is extremely insulting to people in the Marion County GOP organization.

    • Paul, we’re not so sure you have your hand on the pulse of Marion County Republicans. As far as we can tell, they really seem to dislike you.

  2. Guest says:

    I live in and serve Center as a PC. I’m glad to have Dave as our chair…at least he knows how to win elections, unlike Ogden!

  3. Wurstnitemare says:

    Same soup ,just warmed over.

  4. Hudson5656 says:

    So much for the party being inclusive. Hey, lets put a rich white guy that lives in a million $ house in another county in charge of Center township.Makes perfect sence to me..

  5. Erin Rosenberg says:

    It appears from the list you’ve put up that many of the new township chairs were area chairs or assistant area chairs in the former structure. I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of your party’s restructuring from township to area, but it would seem, from this list, that the problem identified by Chairman Walker was more the geographic distribution rather than the individuals filling those positions. Is that a fair conclusion or are there substantive differences in authority between the former position of ‘area chair’ and ‘township chair’?

    • The geography was the main issue. But if you compare this list of township chairs to the ones prior to the switch over to areas, there is a pretty significant shift to the actually workers being in leadership.

      • Open says:

        Not only does this corruption afefct the township, it especially afefcts our schools. There is so much favoritism going on from admin. to custodians that I’m surprised that the schools are still functioning. I agree that more residents should become involved in the system. It appears also that certain people take turns being mayor. It’s the same old slime time after time.

  6. raspberry zinger says:

    Congrats to Barbara Fowler. A much deserved appointment. The GOP needs more twp Chairs like her.

    • DjThiago says:

      Hello, Veggie49, I have a royalty acarege interest near you in Weld County Township 11N 64W Section 20, where EOG has recently won permit approval also. I haven’t received any other official word about when they would start to drill, but intuition tells me they would start this Spring or Summer since it is the start of the drilling season , what with better weather and all. I think EOG has a confidentiality agreement going on with Weld County officials not to release information about a well or wells until the last minute, probably to avoid any loss of timing advantage to competitors or other landowners in the area. This is all just my opinion, but I think that’s going on. Alot of the other townships and sections are being leased right now in this area, so I’m excited about it too. I would think that with an approved permit in hand, EOG would want to commence drilling as soon as they can, but it’s understandable that with all the other active leases they have in this area, they wouldn’t want to have too much on their plate at one time. Patience here is called for, but they’ll get to it. They wouldn’t have bothered to permit it otherwise. Let me know if you hear anything!! DRILL,BABY, DRILL!!!

    • udfpov says:

      AaoCv2 xputtqzjlhfh

    • Bredor says:

      Jonathan, I believe it’s very easy to fall into the trap of mainkg something out of nothing. It’s also convenient to ascertain motives from an action. Tricks not only anger and divide, they cause groups attempting to do good become irrelevant. Everyone sees situations from a different perspective, given past experiences. Very few can view each situation fresh and new. So please, tell us your thoughts as you saw it when you watched the reorganization meeting.

  7. Proud Center Twp. Voter says:

    Am I mistaken or doesn’t David Brooks live in Hamilton County? I guess none of us in Center Township or smart enough to be the township chair.

    • Wow, catch up, Proud Center Twp. Voter. It is not a secret that David Brooks lives in Center Township. Do you want to do all the work to fill the precincts, the boards, and recruit candidates in Center Township? Can you do it better than David Brooks? We’re going to guess not.

      Marion County and Center Township Republicans need as much help as they can get. If someone who lived in Marion County for years is willing to keep investing countless hours into the organization even though they moved, we can’t see why the Marion County Republicans wouldn’t welcome the help.

  8. Ron Larsen says:

    I have served as precinct committeeman (LA 5) Several years..Since Mike Healy was replaced as our chairman I have never had a contact with his replacement…Not good for the party..Consider this my resignation. Rgl.

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