Dan Parker: It Isn’t My Fault. Voters are Dumb.

Here is a quote from last week’s Howey Political Report:

“It’s hard to win elections when people act irrationally,” Chairman Dan Parker observed.”

It so beautifully captures the smug progressivism of today’s Left: condescendingly blaming voters for stupidly voting against their own self-interest.

So you’re Dan Parker.

Your status as State Chair is solely based on your status as Bayh’s most loyal sycophant.

You’re already on thin ice for the Jill Long Thompson debacle.

Adding fire to the flames, Bayh bails from re-election at the last-minute, causing the second most amusing chain reaction in Indiana politics: Ellsworth forgoes re-election to Congress, and loses his bid for Bayh’s seat; Van Haaften forgoes re-election to the Statehouse, and loses his bid for Ellsworth’s seat; Deig forgoes re-election to the State Senate, and loses his bid for Van Haaften’s seat; and in true poetic justice, Deig’s Senate seat goes Republican too.

Your leadership resulted in a 24 vote swing in the House handing Bosma the gavel and a quorum-proof majority in the Senate.

As a last resort, you’re reduced to sending mailers telling voters to vote, not Democrat, but Libertarian.

And in the end, you blame the voters.

Priceless. Four More Years! Four More Years!

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9 Responses to Dan Parker: It Isn’t My Fault. Voters are Dumb.

  1. Bleeding Blue says:

    Low blow, I notice that you didnt throw your buddy Tommy John under the bus for giving us great candidates in the last cycle. I would call the trashing of the Republicans in Marion county in the last election,much more important that the state Republican wave. The fact is that John and Brooks messed up bad,Now we have more of the same with your friend Kyle.So much for you getting the independents.If your going to throw stones,start with the MCRCC

  2. Bleeding Blue, you are starting to fit the definition of a troll by consistently being off topic whenever we talk about the Democrat State Party and bringing up the Marion County Republican Party. It is really obnoxious. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to stop it.

    Also, it is not a low blow to call out people for saying stupid things.

  3. Bleeding Blue says:


  4. pp says:

    We Dems have been saying this about Parker for years. Unfortunately, Evan’s ears were blocked by Parker’s family $$’s in his ears.

  5. Doug says:

    Which shows more contempt for the voter, Parker’s comment as misconstrued by you or the blatant lies the GOP uses to inflame voters to the point of irrationality? Death panels, the President is Muslim and not a US citizen, gays want to destroy civilization, etc. ad nauseum. Republican contempt for the intelligence of the average voter is very thinly disguised.

  6. Check out our blog. We’ve never written anything like that.

  7. Doug says:

    Perhaps not, but do you reject such tactics; particularly while using smug and condescending to describe someone who accurately describes how they were used in 2010?

  8. We reject scare tactics, blatant lies and the like. Saying people are irrational because you lost is, in our opinion, smug and condescending. Sometimes you lose and blaming the voters is never the way to go about fixing it.

  9. Chris Worden says:

    I guess maybe it’s just a point of emphasis, but I think all Parker did was go the Full Monty on the thought process whereas Republicans (I’m thinking Limbaugh and Glenn Beck here) are smart enough to stop at suggesting Obama hoodwinked Americans. They don’t say voters acted irrationally, so kudos to them, but is there any doubt they’re thinking Americans who voted for Obama have some defect in intellect, knowledge base, or attention span that caused them to vote the way they did?

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