Democrat Governor 2012 Watch

With the Democrats still reeling from Sen. Evan Bayh’s decision not to seek the Governor’s office, Matt Tully penned a hilarious column outlining the various needs for a new leader of the Democrat Party and candidate for Governor.  We think the only thing he missed was being photogenic. 

Today, Mark Schoeff Jr. from the Howey Political Report wrote that Baron Hill all but said he won’t be running in 2012 for Governor.  It sounds as though Hill will be looking to take a break and focus on making a living at least in the near term.   That leaves Ellsworth, Donnelly,  and Weinzapfel.  Are we missing any one?

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One Response to Democrat Governor 2012 Watch

  1. Bleeding Blue says:

    I think that Weinzapfel would make a great Gov. He has the personality and the know how to do the job. Plus he is well respected state wide. However, being that far sough made be a problem for the Lake County folks.

    Brad is a great guy also, Im not sure how the beating he just took will translate to him ever being elected for a state wide office again.Too bad, he has the balls to do this job.

    No matter who runs, they will have a fight on their hands, Mitch will put in a lot of cash. Pence will be hard to beat,But he has shown that he will not bend on anything at all, I think that will hurt him.

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