Jon Elrod Takes Ed Coleman to Task

This morning we received a tip on some Facebook Fun from last night.  It seems Jon Elrod, former State Representative, had enough of Ed Coleman’s hypocrisy and turned the frustration into a Facebook note. 

Coleman, an at-large councilor elected as a Republican, changed Party affiliations to be a Libertarian.  This week, Coleman was featured in a press release from the Libertarian Party saying,

“When I ran as part of the 2007 GOP campaign team, it was because I and other small government advocates believed Greg Ballard’s promise to reform government and reduce the spending. It was broken promises like this that prompted me to abandon the failed Republican Party and its bloated-government policies.”

Elrod responded in a Facebook note saying,

“Broken promises?  How about running as a Republican and serving as a Libertarian?  Or did Mayor Ballard break your heart so much that you questioned your entire political affiliation?

As one of thousands of Republican volunteers, donors, and voters, who helped elect Ed Coleman, pardon me if I ignore his advice on broken promises.

Ed, that failed Republican Party actually got you elected.  Let me know when that successful Libertarian Party makes that happen for you (or anyone).

As they say in the Nike commercials, BOOM.

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10 Responses to Jon Elrod Takes Ed Coleman to Task

  1. Mark says:

    Oh burn! :)

  2. IndyCAD says:

    Similar to a candidate running on the Republican ticket as a conservative who turns out to be a RHINO. Good for Coleman!

  3. Anonymous says:

    First off, it’s RINO, as in Republican In Name Only, not RHINO.

    Second, if you are questioning Jon Elrod’s conservative credentials, you clearly do not know Jon. He was the only principled conservative Republican to stand up to an overly-intrusive House of Representatives who care more about who someone sleeps with than balancing budgets. I believe his quote was ” I don’t trust the government to shovel my sidewalk after it snows, and I don’t trust them to define marriage.”

    Get your facts straight.

    Coleman was a hanger-on that no one gave a chance in hell to win. He ended up screwing over good Republican candidates like Mike Hegg who should be sitting in the Council Assembly room, rather than that waste of space, can’t even get his prepared talking points right, so-called Libertarian, Ed Coleman.

    Personally, I think Ed got played hard by the MC Libertarian Party.

  4. IndyCAD says:

    You lead with a typo correction? I did not present any facts to get straight. I was not attacking Mr. Elrod’s political positions. The single sentence was a general observation. Republicans tend to not see in themselves the very thing they accuse others of. I do take issue with some of Elrod’s positions but not to any great extent. But should I challenge his record publicly on some issue (and I will) I will keep in mind your fact gathering suggestion.


  5. When I read it I thought IndyCAD was referring to the Mayor.

  6. IndyCAD, it seriously is spelled RINO when you are using the slang for what some consider a weak Republican. It stands for “Republican In Name Only”.

    We actually don’t like the term at all. It is a bs phrase used to describe Republicans that another Republican doesn’t agree with and usually it is used for those who aren’t “conservative” enough on social issues. You don’t often hear it used for those Republicans who aren’t fiscal conservatives.

    Also, we think it is one thing to affiliate with a Party and not always agree with the Party line and another thing to run as a member of one Party and change your Party affiliation once elected.

  7. IndyCAD says:

    WSP, I am aware that it is RINO. The Anti-RHINO at the end I thought was facetious enough to resolve it. I was wrong. And Paul is correct in addition to other RINO’s (I even had to force the correct spelling from my iPhone).

  8. Sorry IndyCAD. We didn’t notice your sign-off. We just didn’t want you to look like, well, a cad.

  9. Bleeding Blue says:

    ” principled conservative Republican ” ,thats funny. In Marion County those two words just dont go togeather.

    tom john
    Brooks (oh wait ,he lives in Hamilton county,but runs the MCRCC)

    I’m sure that I have missed several. The list is too long to remember and it keeps growing every week

  10. Anonymous says:

    Libertarians watch out. Is Coleman trying to take them for a ride with other right-wing anti-gay, anti-pot and hidden big goverment nuts in control of the state Libertarian Party and always draining money and volunteers? Good riddance, that’s what happened in the GOP.

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